Spare Songs #2: Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler

March 15th, 2018

  1. Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler

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Liner Notes

Firstly, imagine it’s still yesterday, and I sent this out on time.

Let’s roll the clock back 35 years, to March 15, 1983. It was a Tuesday, Total Eclipse of the Heart was top of the pop charts in the UK, and my brother Rob and I were born.

That’s right, it’s my birthday! And one of the coolest, most epic rock ballads ever released was the most popular song in the country when I arrived into the world. Which, let’s face it, explains A LOT. The pain, the longing, the soaring instrumentals…

Well I’m off to get throughly drunk. If you want me to have a very happy birthday indeed, you can order my book, which comes out next Thursday. Here’s to being 35, and to belting out Total Eclipse at every karaoke bar I go to for the rest of my life.

Fun Fact: The music video was directed by Russell Mulcahy, who would go on to write and direct The Highlander, with Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery. Less fun is the fact he also wrote and directed Highlander II. He did give us these creepy choir kids with glowing eyes though, so you can thank him for your nightmares, at least.

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– Dan Dalton
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