Mixtape #113: My Dreams Are Nothing Like They Were Meant To Be

April 10th, 2018

Side A

1. Hanging On by Active Child
2. Back Home by Caribou
3. All of Me Wants All of You by Sufjan Stevens
4. Sleeping Sickness by City and Colour
5. Immunity by Jon Hopkins

Side B

6. Departure (Home) by Mix Richter
7. Johnny and Mary bu Todd Terje feat Bryan Ferry
8. Home by The Cinematic Orchestra
9. Leave a Light On by Tom Walker
10. Home by Dustin O’Halloran

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Liner notes

“Maybe I'll sleep when I am dead, but now it's like the night is taking sides.”

When my novel was crowdfunding with Unbound last year, one of the the rewards for backers was a personalised mixtape. I ended up with eight pledges, with each person giving me three songs to work from so I got an idea of their taste. I sent out the eight playlist earlier this year. This is the Mixtape that went to my friend Lydia.

The three songs she sent me had a clear theme: Home. Here’s what I wrote for her:

Some of these you'll have heard before, most of them, maybe. That's part of the point. Home is familiar, secure, safe. You can return home from travels and tantrums, adventures and misadventures all, and rest easy. The world can't follow you in.

In putting this mix together I thought about that feeling of home. A playlist of songs that would instantly feel secure and safe, a weighted blanket of sound to wrap yourself in. I tried to put those songs together in soothing, perhaps surprising ways, so home felt familiar and new, all at once.

Lydia loved the mix so much I asked if I could send it out to all of my subscribers. Here it is. Hope you enjoy it too.

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– Dan Dalton
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