Mixtape #103: One Day You'll Find A Home – Redux

Chill indie pop

January 28th, 2018

Side A

1. Outside by TOPS
2. Swinging Party by Kindness
3. Real Thing by Lower Dens
4. Heavy Pop by WU LYF
5. Untitled by Interpol

Side B

6. Two of Us On The Run by Lucius
7. The Night We Met by Lord Huron
8. Dye The Water Green by Bibio
9. Return To by #1 Dads & Tom Snowdon
10. Comes In Waves by Psychologist 

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Liner notes

This is a copy of the final Tinyletter playlist…

So, friends, we come to the end of the side. This is the last Tinyletter Mixtape I'm going to send out. After 103 editions over the last two years, this little newsletter has grown to over 1000 subscribers. But don't worry, I'm not abandoning you to a future of mix free Sundays. As of now, Mixtape is moving to a new home. Next Sunday I'll be sending out the first newsletter of the new era on a platform called Substack

Substack is a platform that supports creators by allowing you to charge subscriptions for newsletters. Again, don't worry, Mixtape will still exist for free, with a new playlist going out once a month to all subscribers. But if you want to, you can subscribe to get the regular weekly newsletter. Subscriptions are just $5 a month, or $50 a year. You can subscribe here. I think that represents a fair deal for both of us. You'll be helping to support the work I do, and I'll be continuing to make Mixtapes. 

Since I started Mixtape my circumstances have changed – I had a novel accepted for publication, quit my job, and went freelance – and it's time for this project to change too. I put a lot of hours into Mixtape each week. From selecting tracks, making artwork, and writing liner notes, it can be 10 or more hours a week, which has thus far been unpaid. As a starving artist, I need to prioritise paying work. Over the last few months I've come close to shuttering Mixtape altogether as it became hard to justify the work I was putting in. Then I got an email from Substack, inviting me to try their new platform. It was just the thing I was looking for.

I know not everyone will wish to subscribe, and some won't be able to afford to, which is why I'm keeping a free tier. I'm also going to expand the guest mixtapes, inviting more cool people to come and make playlists for you, and interviewing them in-depth about their choices, and the music they love. I will also be writing more detailed liner notes on my playlists. I will move over the subscriber list from Tinyletter to Substack, so you don't have to do anything if you want to keep receiving free Mixtapes. If you want to support this project and start a paid subscription, Substack uses Stripe for payments, which is very simple and secure. You can do that at anytime to start receiving weekly Mixtapes. Here's the link again. I hope you decide it's worth it.

So yes, it's the end of the side. It's time to turn the record over, drop the needle, and enjoy. There are plenty of tunes and good times yet to come. 

I have lots of fun new playlists lined up for you, but I wanted to go out with a classic. This week's Mixtape originally went out in May 2017, and it's one of my favourites. Here are the original liner notes:

Lets leave the city behind and build a future of wide open skies, of space and wonder, of the kind of quiet that is never silent, where the world is alive with a low-level hum: the wind in the leaves, soil crunching underfoot. The birds, the bees, your own breath. A world where the weight on your shoulders is just the weight of the pack on your back, water sloshing. A world where the only stress is on tired knees, where strangers and trees wave good morning. A world of tracks and trails and dinners cooked by torch light. Let's get out of the city, the noise, the smog. Let's go where all we need is boots and a map, and get lost for a while. Let's make a home where we fall. Let's fall often. Let's stop and rest and breathe in the world. It's a pretty thought. But it's not an impossible one. 

See you on the other side x

– Dan Dalton
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